P.I.N.K. All Star – Leslie Bradford

Leslie Bradford has been supporting Play for P.I.N.K. for many years at her clubs in both New York and Florida, long before she had a personal connection to breast cancer.  We are happy to feature another PFP leader as our June P.I.N.K. All Star.

My original involvement with Play for P.I.N.K. was to support my friends/chairs at Winged Foot Golf Club in Westchester County, New York.  It became apparent that they were training me to take over, which I happily did for three years. 

Four years ago, I was down at my club in Florida, Lost Tree Country Club, when our friend and PFP Executive Board member, Carole Ermel, had left.  The Club’s Pro announced at lunch that it would have been P.I.N.K. day but no one had volunteered to take over.  I raised my hand, thinking that it was only golf, but came to discover this was a three-day event, that also included tennis and bridge!  Subsequently, we added Fitness and Pelican Putters.

During this planning, I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer.   So, while I was always motivated by the wonderful work of Play for P.I.N.K., it now had a personal resonance.

My experience with Play for P.I.N.K. has been wonderful.  The staff is so supportive, encouraging and engaged with me and I know with every other chair.  The materials, resources, and logistics are all terrific, and everyone appreciates the support of our sponsors!

The best thing about P.I.N.K. events is that they bring the community together – the enthusiasm is palpable.  I am fortunate to be in a close community and, unfortunately, too many residents/members have been diagnosed or even lost to this disease.  Our tribute signs and flags each year have new names of those who are fighting, and that inspires participation in every way.

My connection to P.I.N.K. was initially through friends, but now I feel my treatments, and perhaps those of my recently diagnosed sister, (we had no family history until now, which we will pass to my daughter), are the result of the research PFP and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation funds.