P.I.N.K. All Star – Wendy Rothberg

For over two decades, the funds Wendy Rothberg has raised through her club’s annual tournament has had a tremendous impact on the work being done by Play for P.I.N.K.-supported researchers.  We are delighted to feature Wendy as June’s P.I.N.K. All Star.

I am so honored to be chosen as a P.I.N.K. All Star.  I consider it a privilege to work with such a dedicated team of individuals.  Paramount (aka Dellwood) Country Club in Rockland County, New York was involved with another breast cancer organization, but when we learned about Play for P.I.N.K. and that 100% of proceeds went to research, there was no question that this would be our organization of choice.  I have many close friends and relatives who have been touched by breast cancer….most at an early age.  I wanted to be a part of a movement that would work towards eradicating this incipient disease, possibly in my lifetime.  The dedication of the core people has been so inspiring and honest that it makes me want to become part of the answer.  Our PINK events bring everyone together, for one purpose.  We become a sisterhood that is working together to help our friends, mothers, daughters, aunts…even uncles.  Each time I attend a regional meeting I become more inspired and determined to help.  Last year, my beautiful 41-year old daughter in law was stricken with breast cancer.  Because of the work of all the researchers and doctors PFP and BCRF has funded, she will be fine….I truly believe we make a difference!