P.I.N.K. All Star – MaryLou Johnson and Bear Lakes committee

Although MaryLou Johnson has been chairing the Play for P.I.N.K. activities at Bear Lakes Country Club in West Palm Beach, Florida for the past five years, she shares the credit for their fundraising success with her fellow committee members.

All of us on the committee have been impacted by breast cancer either personally, a family member, or a friend. We know the importance of research to find new treatments and improved detection to better the outcomes for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In the five years that we have been involved with PFP, the enthusiasm at our club has grown. February is PFP month, excitement grows and the golf/dinner event that is held on the last Saturday of the month is the must attend event of the season. Throughout the month the most popular color worn by the members and staff is pink.

We all realize that even though great strides have been made, there’s more to do. There is a tremendous sense of camaraderie among the members because we are united in a single cause.

I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in 2012. After my course of treatment(s) I have had a clean bill of health for almost 10 years. Another member of our team experienced breast cancer through her father’s diagnosis. So, we are aware that not only women get this. Additionally, we all know that not only the person who has cancer is impacted–family, friends, coworkers, etc. are part of the fight as well.

PFP committee featured from Left to right: Sally Rose, MaryLou Johnson, Chris Hull (Bear Lakes General Manager), Sara Barretta, Jennifer Jackson, Wendy Ganson and Jimmy Gascogne (Bear Lakes Director of Golf).