Play for P.I.N.K. supports the efforts of thousands of passionate volunteers who share the organization’s vision, raising $4.5 million annually on behalf of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Meet the leaders who help make that possible — the people of Play for P.I.N.K.


Play for P.I.N.K.’s board members are dedicated volunteers with many years of service to the cause. Together they assure that the organization pursues its mission with focus, energy, and optimal efficiency.

Laura Lassman
President and Founder

Heidi Komoriya
Executive Vice President, New York/Connecticut Chair

Doris Mortman
Executive Vice President, New Jersey and National Advisory Board Chair

Barbara Dickstein

Dawn Brown

Carole Ermel

Leslie Friedland

Jane Pontarelli

Roberta Server



Stephanie Hamburger
Executive Director

Lauren Gales

National Advisory Board

Andrea Baevsky, NY

Christine Bonner, MI

Doris Budow, FL

Claudia Burke, WA

Sheila Connor, NC

Lori Greenberg, NY

Gail Hall, TX

Barbara Hoffman, MA

Beth Hornstein, NJ

Amy Hudson, FL

Chris Kocak, OH

Denese Margolius, MD

Ronda Nahoum, CT

Geri Rubenstein, NY

Alison Teicher, NJ

Michelle Tesser, NJ

Sandra Yellin, FL